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250mm FPV Y6 Design / Build

Hey All,

Long time lurker, first time poster. I wanted to share my most recent build with everyone, a 250mm Y6 made for FPV racing.


I've wanted to get into FPV racing for a while (been flying / designing bigger quads for a few years) but wanted something a bit "different" than the standard 250mm frame. Originally I set out to design a micro-hex based on Blackout's excellent design, but I couldn't get it to fit on my CNC machine without breaking it into pieces and using hardware that would add weight. I was determined to use 6" props since they seem to perform best with SunnySky X2204 2300kv motors.

Micro Hex Design.jpg

After getting frustrated, I had an epiphany, “why not a Y6?” You don't hear much about this configuration but it's a proven design, and since the co-axial props cancel out the torque, you don't need a servo to steer it like a traditional tri. So I started CADing it up:

Y6 Design 1.jpg

Y6 Design 2.jpg

The design fit well within the work area of my CNC machine (a Shapeoko 2 that lives on my workbench) so using 3/16" plywood, I started cutting.


The resulting frame is incredibly light and small.



So how does it preform?

Like a rocket powered by angry bees!

Complete BOM and files are available on my blog.

The frame is still a work in progress but I think it has a lot of potential. Let me know what you think - your feedback is greatly appreciated.