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Samh submitted a new resource:

3D FT SCOUT - a scout with that bit of extra everything for when you want to have some real fun😁😁

I do not take credit for the design. That is all Flitetest. All I did to it is change the vertical fin shape and gave it a big rudder, change the horizontal shape and gave it a bigger elevator, and extended the ailerons about an inch and a half to give it more aileron. It will run off a C-pack motor with a 3s 1300-2200. Other than the tail and aileron changes, none of the actual design has changed. You can also experiment with flaperon and spoileron mixes to get crazy maneuvers. I fly...
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Thanks for posting this Samh. One problem is with the added length to the ailerons, the wings don't fit through the fuselage. I'm going to use the standard wing with the enlarged tail section. I'll let you know how it flies when I finish building it.