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3D Printed Bevel Cutting Tool


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Hey guys,

I'm a little OCD and wanted a way to make clean bevel cuts so I whipped up this tool to hold a razor blade at the correct angle and depth to make perfect bevel cuts. I'll attach the stl file and I'd be happy to make them for anyone that wants one that doesn't have access to a 3d printer. Ok, I can't figure out how to attach an stl file here, so I'll upload it on thingiverse and post a link.


IMG_2475.JPG IMG_2473.JPG IMG_2474.JPG


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Nice idea and from the pics it looks like it does a great job!

Thanks! Ya, it works well and the blades slide into place and lock real easy. I'm thinking about doing another version with a sharper cut angle.

that exacto one is cool too. I hadn't seen that on thingiverse yet.
I like yours better, yours doesn't require a double stack of foam to cut. Also, those straight razors are pretty much universal. There are many manufacturers of those Xacto like hobby blades so the other one may not fit all blades out there.


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that is prob my fav design i've seen, great sharp angle and all one piece so no extra hardware needed... will have to build one next time I'm on the library maker space


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Very cool design, I use the before mentioned one quite a bit in my builds, I highly suggest you check it out! It's designed for two thicknesses of foam-board where (if I'm seeing it correctly) yours is set up for one, which (after a couple of Bloody Wonder builds) I can appreciate!

I just started in RC last September, but you can check out a few of the designs I have already;


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Works nicely. 0.2 layer height, 25% grid infill, printed with a 4mm brim because of how little surface it has in contact with the bed.