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3D printed stick chassis and parts to experiment on.

Named Frankenstick as it is meant to take any parts you like or have left from models. There are wings etc but basically it is a box on a stick to attach things to.
This started because of watching the Flite Test KF airfoil video. Neat idea I thought, break the wing and just have a spare KF to stick on most any plane and off you go again. Then I thought why not have something to attach that or other stuff to.
So for better or worse this is the link to the thingiverse post of the body (fuselage) of the plane. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3708532

Gives a platform to attach a wing to as well as a tail to fix foamboard to. The wing came as part of a discussion on RCgroups forum about light wings. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/sho...sticard-as-a-wing-covering-for-3d-plane/page4 Also some good stuff there from a user called Extreme Sports who used correx but could also use foamboard ?

Hope it is of some use, I did think as a demo tool to show what happens if you make a plane with... very large tail area, very small tail area, motor offset way out, various wing setups.
I tried to make it as flexible to add bits to as possible. Basically if it crashes (with a pvc tube body) only a few outer bits should be damaged. You can print a spare tail section and motor / battery section and put them in your pocket in case you break one. That and a couple of lengths of pvc conduit, or carbon fibre, and you should be able to play all day :) Feel free to copy and rework anything you like, and just ignore anything you don't.