Help! 500mAh in a UMX


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You can’t, not without making it chronically nose heavy. Use it in a mini quad and buy the 200mah Mini packs from Hobbyking instead. $2 isn’t that much of a steal, certainly not worth embedding an $80 plane in the turf over.


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+1. You could also put it in something like one of the mighty minis, they were made for 800mAh and would probably balance out.


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I run my TT on 500mah 2s power, you just need an 1806 2400kv motor and build light.


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I fly my Sport Cub S with 500mah batteries all the time especially if it is windy. I kept the Micro 1.25 JST connector and soldered in a 2.0 JST connector so I can use either size battery. Made a new hatch on the bottom so I can slide the 500 mah battery in held on with a bit of Velcro.
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