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a bit of help...


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so I am looking to buy my first transmitter (for a nutball build). most of the cheaper ones (say, the hobyking ones, or the tunigy x6) do not advertise "multiple model storage". does this mean that I cant use the same transmitter for the two different planes without moving receiver from one to another? that sounds like an awful pain. I want to have whatever transmitter I buy until I grow out of it, which I hope will be long after I grow out of my nutball (…that sounds… weirder then I meant it to).

also, I have noticed some transmitters don't come with bind plugs, how do you bind those?

thank you so much!
I would stay away from the 6x personally. For $10 more the Turnigy 9x it has a 8 model memory in the stock version and tons of online support, very popular radio. That means you just need to buy an extra Rx for second plane, bind to each Rx individual and set Tx up for each model....presto chango with a few clicks on your 9x you can swap between planes at the field. A few of the CT6B style Tx systems are capable of multiple models but a real pain because they have to be changed via a usb to a laptop or desktop at home. Your best option for the money by a long shot is the 9x and keep in mind if they are backordered on hobbyking, google eurgle 9x or flysky 9x....same radio different vendors. One more thing I should make you aware of is the new and I mean BRAND new Turnigy 9xr that just came out, downside to it will be a far shaper leaner curve with very little support due to its newness.
As to the bind plug question, as far as I know all Hobbyking and Turnigy radios come with a bind plug (not that hard to make one either). There are other systems that utilize a button on the Rx for binding but either way its a non-issue.
And lastly...lol I swear....since this is your first radio and you are a self proclaimed noob....want to make sure you understand whatever model radio system you are looking at it is a mode 2....MODE 2!!! have to make sure you are learning to fly the proper American way lol


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Mode 2 - is it the only mode use in the USA - bet not.
If you have any friends or a club in the area - check which mode they are using - most likely mode 2.

Receiver - you need naturally one in each plane unless you want to move the existing between the planes.
Check that there are suitable receiver models to all planes you imagine to get. You can easily use a big 8 channel or more receiver to a 6 ch transmitter but you cant use the big receiver to a ultralight model if you are thinking of getting one.

Binding the rx to the tx don't necessary require a bind plug - several brands use a button on the rx to bind and other bind without any button or plug depending on the order you start your tx and rx.


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oh I looked in to the mode 2/1 thing. I have flown some to helis and I am definitely a mode 2, which is sort of a shame cause mode 1s are always in stock longer...

I think I have a better understanding of it all now. so do you recommend the 9x or the 9xr? oh and one last question I noticed the devo 7 is available for 60 bucks. is that one any worse/better then ether of the 9x's?

thank you!
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I've never heard of the Devo 7, so I can't address that question. Just make sure its not a dedicated heli tx.

I agree with the recommendation for the Turnigy 9x or 9xr. However, there is plenty of online support for the 9xr because it simply uses the ER9x firmware that was developed by users. You'll find better documentation and support online on this than on the stock 9x, actually.

A radio without model memory doesn't mean it only can communicate with one rx. You can bind as many rx's as you want, so you don't have to swap in and out of planes. But, you have no programming capabilities. You'll want a programmable radio, so just go with the 9x or 9xr.


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And i have not yet found any transmitter that can not be rebuilt between the modes.
But better to get the right one and dont have to worry.