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a cheap Mavic? The Best Foldable Selfie drone from $50!


New member
So are you instersted in getting the Mavic pro to take some great "aerial seflies? but it is priced too high?
Well you are in luck!
I take a look at all the best foldable selfie drones as well as the Mavic pro in this roundup which has 6 foldable drones the cheapest of which is only $50.
The contenders are,
  1. The DJI Mavic Foldable Drone
  2. ZEROTECH Dobby Selfie Drone
  3. Hover camera passport
  4. JJRC H37 Elfie Pocket Fold Portable
  5. Hawk4k Folding Drone
  6. AirDog – The Autonomous Action Sports Drone

So which one would you guys buy?