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A Flying Vacation


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I had 8 weeks off from work this summer. We escaped the Arizona heat by travelling to Washington and Oregon...... where they had a record breaking heat wave for the entirety of our trip. We spent most of the time at my parents and my inlaws.

I learned to fly last summer at my dad's on my Duet. This year for the extended break I ordered a Delta Ray and a Sport Cub S. Horizon Hobby had a great deal on the DR RTF. It was only priced at $10 more than the BNF and so I opted for the RTF as I would have a Tx I could leave behind with the planes. My dad was recently diagnosed with Parkinsons but I was hoping I could get him flying.

My dad did get a little stick time but not as much as I was hoping for. Most of the evenings were quite windy. I met my sister's boyfriend for the first time and instantly stuck the DX4 in his hand to fly. He flew the SCS but the wind was too much so we switched the the DR and he did better.

I met up with Mesolost and we flew at his local field in 100 degree heat. Mesolost took the heat like a desert native. I also met a FT fan I met last summer. We go together on a very windy evening so I only flew my DR and he only flew his UMX Icon A5. I was impressed how the A5 handled the wind.

I didn't get as much stick time with the girls as I would have liked but they both flew in intermediate mode a bit. I boought a Whipit while I was in town and brought it home. If I had to do it again I would have bought the Delta but skipped the SCS and the Whipit and bought a UMX Radian instead. I really missed the plane and it would have looked great flying high.

I did a little location video shooting but most of it was around my parents house and his neighbors. I was planeless in Portland most of the time. I brought the SCS down but the motor broke on my first flight and I had to drive 30 miles to get parts.

Flying next to my dad's place at 7am for some nice light.


From my dad's side yard. I cut it a little close on the fence.


I did't fear crashing but I did fear hitting a tree. I captured one very near miss on film and I had a close call flying with mesolost. Next year I hope to have a mult-rotor to get video in some places I can't fly the plane.