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A How to on setting up receivers for yank and bank

For three channel operation, with an esc OR with a throttle servo, that lead plugs into the channel one location of your receiver. The slot layout changes from manufacture to manufacturer so you will have to read the location on your receiver OR just plug in and see what control works for what. Your ESC will not turn on though if you are in the wrong slot or the throttle is set too high. When in doubt, use a seperate servo and a flight battery to supply power to your receiver to locate the throttle slot.
If you are flying three channel you have the option to put the rudder or aileron on the right stick with your elevator (mode 2) OR you could put your rudder on the throttle stick (Mode 2) Elevator still on the right stick. Many just put it on the elevator stick regardless.

And technically, it's bank and yank and that refers to Aileron models. Rudder models you nudge around though frankly, there's a lot of similarity on properly set up ships.

As in your other threads, Vtail mixing mixes the rudder and elevator outputs on those channels. If you're flying spoilerons it mixes the spoiler channel and the aileron channel. You plug your servos in accordingly (spoiler usually channel 6)