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A more scale looking quadcopter


I like big leccy planes
All the quadcopters I have seen seem to have the wires and electronics all hanging out, my first quad too was like this. I have not seen a more "scale" looking quad copter (as in it looks like mini people could fly it). This is what I came up with..

It is yet to fly because I can't change the KK board to x copter until the progamming thing arrives:p so what do you think? All the motor wires are hidden in the aluminium tubing (from B&Q), the rest is hidden in the fuselage which is made of balsa and covered with solar film.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah it does look nice!

Its got its own futuristic touch! I like the design of it and you have achieved your aim with makin it some kind of lego sized people sit in there :D