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A new Dollar Tree building technique.

When I was at the Dollar Tree last weekend I spied their colored cellophane wrapping "paper" out on display for the holidays, so I picked some up for S&G to see if it could be used to cover foam. Turns out it works really, *really* well. Here is a link to photos I've posted on rcgroups:


Check earlier posts in the thread for full details. Basically, you de-paper your DT foam, paint it with water-based poly-urethane (a Minwax product, but not the solvent-based version used on the paper!) hit it with Spray 77, and then carefully apply the cellophane with a gift card as a squeegee. The only (possible) downside to this technique that I have found so far is that it *requires* a second pair of hands during the actual cellophane application.


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Dollar Tree Wrapping for Covering

I just completed a Flite Test Mustang Wing using this technique. For the first attempt it didn't come out too bad and should provide some snow/water protection. Not sure if it was a good idea but i left the paper on. The wrapping comes in clear, red or green. $1.00 for about 8ft X 30".

Basically all I did was:
1. Cut the clear Dollar Tree Clear Wrapping to size.
2. Spray one side with an adhesive. I used Aleene's Tacky Spray.
3. Smooth out as best you can with a credit card
4. Go over with a iron - about 140 degrees seemed to work best for me
5. Smooth out any wrinkles again

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Any chance may find this in silver ? That's the one color I really want but can't get with packing tape. Or have any alternative suggestions for silver besides air brush or spray paint ?
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I'm going to check my DT for this. I'm interested in seeing if it can be used over spars as the main aircraft surface. Ugh, I'm gonna have to buy a heat gun aren't I?


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To fly? depends on the plane, but probably no . . .

. . . but it is going to be quite a bit heavier than the paper ever was, which was the real advantage of the cellophane. There is some silver mylar tape if you know where to look for it, but it isn't cheap. I saw a Hitech Zipper covered in this once . . . it was a VERY nice looking plane.
you can spray silver or "chrome" paint on the cellophane backside that will show through like the racing bodies on rc track cars.
on my large planes i spray the inside of 2L bottles that gives a shiny deep gloss look for my cowling covers.
also spray77 can be used on aluminum foil,it looks beautiful on DT foamboard and squeegeed out!
im going to do a mustang with that.
in the 1940's there is a tutorial from a magazine on covering a model cessna with aluminum foil and elmers wood glue thinned out with water.
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