A pdf Link suggestion on your Plans 'build' articles


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In a perfect world, all computers and browsers would print a nice and correctly formatted pdf of the build pages, page numbers and all. This is not that world. When I try to print to a printer, or print a pdf of a 'build' page, such as for the FT Explorer, the resulting pages or pdf can be readable, or totally wonky, depending on the computer and web browser being used. So...

Suggestion: do like the folks at adafruit have done for their project pages. Add a link to each 'build' page that would enable us to download a nice, clean, correctly formatted single document pdf of the build project, formatted to print on 8.5 x 11 inch paper. Doing this would bypass any wonkiness of a particular computer system and its browser trying to create its own configuration's version of a pdf file. The entire subject of tweaking a system and browser and printer driver, vanishes, when we can all download a preconfigured, perfect pdf created by FliteTest, and linked to on the 'build' page. Of course, I can read your web pages well in the browser, but printing them to pdf is where things go cattywampus, potentially differing on each different system and browser. I'll visit someone, tell them about FliteTest, go to a build page, and suggest to print it to paper or to a pdf, and you might not believe the results of that on some systems... easily fixed on almost every system that can open and read pdf files, simply by a link to a preformatted downloadable pdf. Seeing all the production work you put into the videos, and the designs themselves, and the plans, I am sure that any 'build article' downloadable pdf you create would be outstanding, and thousands would be downloaded and printed, adding many smiles to the world. :)

The only downside would be that the resulting printed copy would not include the member comments, which are often as valuable as the article itself, but those can be grabbed with a simple copy and paste into a word processor, and then printed separately.

By including a link to a single document pdf which FliteTest staff has ensured is clean and correctly formatted and perfectly readable, this would, in a small but greatly appreciated way, bring us one step closer to a more perfect world. :)

Keep up the great work!