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Acrowhoop and Betaflight confusion

So, I recently got myself an Acrowhoop v2 FC for Spektrum( I have a DX6i ), and I installed the latest firmware, but don't really know where to go from there, since the manual from FuriousFPV apparently does not exist any more. It seems as if my Tx is bound to the receiver, as there is a solid orange light which I assume indicates this. Furthermore, inputs from only my left stick(which are set to throttle and roll with TAER1234 as the channel map) are registered in Betaflight, and I'm not sure why; I don't think the quad is armed either, since it hasn't seemed to move. If someone could help walk me through Betaflight, arming procedures, and the Whoop itself, I would appreciate it.


http://furiousfpv.com/product_info.php?products_id=321(Includes a link to the user manual)
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First step would be to contact Furious and let them know their web site is broken... Kinda shooting in the dark without a manual.
Thanks! I managed to find the manual with a bit more searching, and I've been able to do everything except get AUX1 to work as a arming switch. None of my switches seem to work for any of the AUX switches, but AUX 2 seems to respond to throttle inputs and ranges from 1850(no throttle) to 1150(full throttle). Any idea why?

The manual can be found here: http://furiousfpv.com/document/Manual_Furious_/Acrowhoop_V2_rev_Spektrum_Manual_1.1.pdf


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Sounds like something fishy is going on in the Tx. Did you start with a clean model memory? I'm not intimate with the DX6i, but you should go through your channel assignments and mixes to see if anything out of the ordinary is happening.
So, I've set the model type to Acro on my Tx, and the gear switch works for Aux1. However, when the yellow marker moves into the range I've set, the ARM section is not highlighted. According to the command line, I have an angle issue( 0x820 is given for when the arm switch is outside the arm range and 0x8820 is given when the arm switch is within range, though. Shouldn't it be the opposite?), but I set small_angle to 180 and can't see why this would be an issue.

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 6.10.54 PM.png

Arming Prevention Flags:


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Not sure what is going on but did you try and widen the yellow part even thou it shows the switch position may not be accurate.

Edited to add.....Why are you trying to flash Betaflight the acro flies very well with the software installed...just curious.
Widening the sliders doesn't seem to work.

I accidentally deleted the software, because I don't know how to use Betaflight all that well. XD
I reinstalled the newest firmware for the Acrowhoop through Betaflight, so I don't think that would be a problem, though.