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Hi, I just got shoved into doing coding for a drone. I am using a SpeedyBee F405 V3 for the flight controller and I am using Betaflight as the flight configurator. I am wondering if I need to create code for my drone if it's just a normal drone with just 4 motors no camera. Does Betaflight or the flight controller already come with some code for basic drones? If I do need to create code where can I find the sdk library for it because I can't find it online. Additionally, could I have keyboard inputs control the drone or do I need a controller for that, and what type of controller?
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I’m curious what you’re up to. Trying to control a drone with a computer? Off the top of my head, you could use a Raspberry Pi, with a keyboard, to output a PPM signal to the serial port of a transmitter like the TX16s, or even the FlySky Fs-i6x. Then the transmitter would send the signal to the drone like normal. It would be fairly easy to program the Pi to send the appropriate PPM signal based on keyboard entry or anything else.

What did you have in mind though, and what solution did you come up with?
Imma be fr I did not realize that betaflight was like an actual flight code software and I just need to a ground control software to control it so uhhhhh.