Adjust EXPO in Phoenix!!!


Sorry if this has already been stated, but I just figured this out.

I'm new to the Hobby and have been binge-watching FT videos and one thing that I've heard several times is starting out with about 30% expo. I've been overall unhappy with how some of the FT aircraft fly in the Phoenix Sim. They are sensitive and somewhat difficult to control. Even the Tiny Trainer model seemed harder than some of the other Trainer models I've downloaded. It wasn't until I started digging around, that I found that you can adjust the Expo inside Phoenix! Now some of the models that I thought were hard to fly, are flying very nicely!!!

To do adjust the expo in Pheonix, select a model you want to adjust (like you do when you what to fly it). The go to Model...Edit, then expand Model..Controls, then expand the control that you want to add/adjust Expo:

You can see above I changed both "Expo" and Expo (low-rate) from 0% to 30%.

I wanted to share, since this just blew my mind!!