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Adventures in learning

I wanted to show off some of my more impressive stuff 5.JPG One badly beaten power pod 100.JPG 101.JPG A couple bad landings .2.JPG My new collection of one bladed props 14.JPG 16.JPG Anyone wanna bring over there quadcopter for some search and rescue ???
Nope not alone.....unfortunately some of my most EPIC crashes are not in this video because.....NOTHING remained intact....including my onboard cameras.....love my best buy 100% damage coverage....have returned several gopros in bits and pieces stuffed in a shoebox only to have it replaced with a brand new one free of charge.
Like many people I thought I could jump right in to a warbird. Looking back I didn't do too bad but it still wasn't the best idea. But I figured I'd get board with flying after a few weeks. Now all 16 slots on my ER9X are full....

here's one of my not so good days...

I'll post some of my other stuff in the thread I started so as not to threadjack.


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Onebladeprop, that's why I get so frustrated with these shops like Nitro Planes and Banana Hobby, for selling warbirds RTF.

Anyone with enough skill to fly one, has already purchased a "good" radio.
they are kind of encouraging a bad decision. but honestly there's a good chance I would have bought a PNF of the same plane anyway. there's just an allure to planes like that, after all there aren't many people who go to museums to look at a piper cub. even if it was a poor choice for a first plane I'm still glad because is got me into flying(or back into but that's kind of a long story). Now had I known about scratch building with dollar tree foam things would be a bit different. I probably would have bought the corsair but it would have sat while I practiced with an FT Flyer and stepped my way up to it.

BTW I repaired the corsair after that crash and flew it for about another month before I retired it.


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I hear what you're saying. It's hard to spend the money on the cub, when you can buy the sexy plane for just a little more.

A little truth in advertising is what I'd like to see. When they're listing the skill level on a mustang as being from beginner to intermediate...

I just hate seeing them set people up for failure.
That is very true. I had friends who flew and had a fascination with airplanes for a long time so I knew I was making a bad choice. But I can see where others could easily be led into believing a warbird could be a beginners plane. And I don't care for that either.

That's actually why I love watching Josh Scott fly. Watching someone else learn from the beginning really gives you a good idea of what you're in for. Rather than seeing what a plane is capable of in expert hands we get to see how it handles for someone of a beginners level.
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The show has a great formula, it's a large part of it's appeal.

They do a great job of expressing their opinions. Especially David... he hates everything. :D
be patient my friend. dad lost a funbat in a bean field in july, we didn't find it until october after the field was cut. somehow all the electronics still work.