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I've been flying successfully now since about 2016. I've been trying since the 1980's. Yes I'm old. I give all credit to Flite Test for finally teaching me how to fly. I bought a few RTF planes and helis from 2005-2015 and I ended up crashing all of them. I found scratch building with foamboard in 2015. Tried a few builds from RCPowers but I really couldn't get them to fly well. Found Flight test and built a tiny trainer and finally got a successfull flight. From there I've built at least 100 foamboard planes. Some flew well some didn't. I've also bought many ARF and PNF planes. Most of these have been successfull but have ultimately died. I think I was better when I was learning because I didn't take as many chances. Now that I think I can fly I am more daring. This is bad. I live in South Florida and there is almost always at least a 10 mph wind. Actually 10 mph is pretty low for down here. I have 2 new planes that have not been maidened because I am afraid of crashing them. I don't have a flying club and just fly at an open area near my house. It seems these days there is always a reason not to fly.


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I resemble your post.
I tend to build FT planes 3-4 copies at a time. So when I crash, I take the guts out of the old one a have a new one waiting on the bench ready to accept them.

Remember the FT moto: build, fly, crash, repeat.
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I too have delicate scale home built planes that I have flown but at times are reluctant to fly simply because any crash represents a lot of repair work even if it is possible.
I do have several simple planes that are powerful but easy to fly. It is amazing how a flight or two with one of them restores your confidence in your abilities.