Help! Ailerons broke off, How should I reattach?


Full disclosure, this plane was found in a tree. A co-worker found it out hunting and brought it to me, knowing I enjoy this hobby. Fortunately, the only parts broken off were the ailerons, the rest of the plane is intact- though a little beat up and worst for wear (i think a squirrel may have been living in it for a while).
It did have identification inside, in the form of a very worn business card, and after many attempts to contact that person to no avail, I decided to fix it up and see how it flies.

That was 6 months ago. ...I haven't been able to figure how to reattach the ailerons, and am reaching out to see if I can get some suggestions. The plane is a Avios Zazzy ( ).
Since it is an aerobatic plane, the wings were originally attached in the center of the foam.
I had thought about just using packing tape on the top, but i thought that would ruin the 3d characteristics of the plane.
My next thought was to do a double taping, top and bottom, with the tape touching in the middle to center the ailerons, but was unsure of actually being able to accomplish it.
Other Ideas included imbedding wires in the foam and attaching to that, but wasn't sure how I could attach the other side.

Any input from the community would be greatly appreciated.

here are some pics:




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I don't know if I would use packing tape, necessarily; sometimes it can be a little light on the adhesive and it will let go. Du-Bro makes a tape specifically for hinges like this:

The other option you can try if you can't find it is some medical plastic tape, aka Transpore/Nexcare tape, usually found in your local drugstore by the gauze. It should be a little plastic roll, looks kinda like scotch tape. My dad was given several rolls after a surgery when he had to change out bandages, and the stuff works awesome as hinge tape.


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An old school CA hinge would work, I would use gorilla glue or epoxy, not CA, it might attack foam. A peace of string or ribbon would also work. Dribble CA on then to make them stiff, when CA has set, cut a slot then glue them in as described above.
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Some things that come to mind that may work:

-CA hinges
-Tape and Foam-Tac combination?
-Tape and hot glue?
-Ball hinges
-Thin flexible plastic off of whatever random object you could find


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My method of repairing such detached control surfaces is to use a couple of the old pin hinges fitted as I would into a balsa control surface AND to glue the remainder of the foam hinge using Sullivans craft glue.

The pin hinges are only there as a safety measure because i have never had the glued hinge fail.

have fun!


Thank you all for the quick responses!

I have never heard of CA hinges, but it makes perfect sense when thinking about it.

I've only done this once on a foamy cub but it worked really well. The mylar from the inside of a floppy disk is very very durable and takes to glue very well (i actually epoxied mine just cause I didn't have anything else). They lasted WAY longer than the rest of the plane did lol.

I really like this idea, as I have a few diskettes lying around in the office that ill never use again.

Awesome, I'll have this thing in the air by this weekend =]



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I use plastic hinges I get online or in my local hobby shop all the time.

I have them in almost all my chuck glider conversions and foamy builds. I've repaired my DH Beaver with them and my UMX Timber (about 5 min after it was out of the box because the tail wheel is attached to the rudder, rudder is only held on with tape!)


I have a drawer with spares that's probably less than $20 in parts that I can fix almost anything with


Absolutely what I would recommend for a repair like that...


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Maybe you could try a paper clip.


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