Avios C130 Hercules


Hello guys. I would like to buy the Avios C130 hercules v2 but it’s out of stock. I have searched several websites but no one seems to have it in stock. I even contacted hobbyking but they don’t know when the product will be available.

I would like to contact Avios the manufacturer directly but can’t seem to find their contact details online.

It’s getting really frustrating. It seems all the RC models I want are either not in existence or suddenly go out of stock when I want them.

Any suggestions will be appreciated

I find it surprising that only one manufacturer (Avios) produces an rc model of an airplane as popular and as long lived as the C130 Hercules.


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I have no idea what drives a manufacturer's decision to design a certain model. In fact, half the planes I see on Hobbyking seem to be some made up model that's really good for a certain flying style but looks nothing like any real plane. And their stock always seems to be 70% out at any given time.

I did find another manufacturer; ASM have made a C-130, but it's a 100" wing span one costing $500. I hold no faith in the big companies making any planes I want, even if they do, I don't trust that they'd build it how I want or they give it a paint job that's just slightly off.


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If you really can't find the plane that you want then the only option is to scratch build one yourself.
Start by choosing something simple. If you have built a few Flight test planes you should know how the parts are made. its just a case of altering the shape and possibly the size.

Scratch building is not every bodies cup of tea but with experience it allows you to build a copy of any full size plane that you can find a 3 view line drawing.