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(Air)craft nights


How many letters do we ge
I think Lobstermash and I derailed a thread somewhere discussing our craft nights... that is (air)craft nights.

(By calling it 'craft' we figure our wives would understand)

The concept is this. Get some blokes round my house where I lay out tools and materials as required for projects that we are working on. Though LM _had_ to bring his own hot glue gun in fear that I didn't have one at hand! :rolleyes: We like to invite guys who are interested in or just taking up aeromodelling and get them on the simulator or help them set up their equipment.

Just had another successful night, only three present but good progress made. A slopey is part finished and LM's Tiggie is starting to look more like a Tiggie (though I still say that ready built jobbie at HK would be a lot less bother!). I managed to get some heli blades balanced but mostly lent John a hand with the Tiggie.

Maybe the photos and discussion here will inspire other 'craft night's' across the world. If so post the results here!

(still getting over the aroma of that CA kicker!!)

Tiggie wing

Checking scale details before applying to the model...
(Err, it's yellow... isn't it? Good.)

I'm sure our wives have refreshments while doing craft at mother's group!