"wing" with a take-off weight of 10-12 kg for rescue operations

Alex Fal

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I am looking for a model of an extremely cheap home-made "wing" type airplane with a take-off weight of 10-12 kg, a payload of 8-9 kg, for an electric motor or a pair of electric motors weighing 160 grams each, with a 3 kg battery, which will be launched from a catapult.

Maybe you will draw my attention to interesting and 100% implementable effective models.

This is very important to me.
Thank you for your expirience )

more info:

it should be a working solution for rescuers, which will be able to deliver water and food in a special capsule - up to 5 kilograms of a parcel - within the scope of rescue operations, when it is necessary to deliver water/food to people before the rescue team can reach them.

ideally, it's a search plane with food and water, clothing, medicine on board - to get it to the casualty/lost/injured right away.

from the available and analyzed information, we see that an airplane with such characteristics - a 5 kg parcel with things - must also lift into the air a battery, electronics, a parachute for the parcel - it will not have less than 10 kg take-off weight at the start, and must have a catapult to launch in any conditions.

our team of enthusiasts already has an FPV aircraft on a hybrid scheme,
which lifts up 720 grams of useful weight and flies 20 km,
and this, unfortunately, is not enough for our rescue tasks.

this aircraft is not scalable and we strive to find a better solution.

this project is voluntary, so we will not be able to make many planes if they are very expensive.

and they should be consumed by countries in which rescue services do not have money for helicopters and planes to search for people in trouble.