Spektrum AR630 & "Launch Assist"???


A member of our local club gave us a flying wing kit which we have built up using a FT ESC and a Spektrum AR630. During its maiden today, the plane flew well. My son (10) was able to fly it with no issues because of two reasons:

1. He's a good stick.
2. Somehow I was able to properly setup "SAFE & AS3X".

The member who gave it to us told me that I should try to setup launch control or launch assist so that we can just chuck the thing into the air with one hand instead of me giving it a good toss leaving a spinning prop to miss my chin by less than a foot. Think of a granny shot technique.

Does the AR630 have a launch assist option that I'm not finding or do I need to switch to an Aura 5?


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I see nothing in the AR630 manual about launch mode. I have used it with the aura5 and other flight controllers. It is a really nice feature.