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Any Kiwi's lurking?


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anyone from New Zealand lurking about the forums, building FT planes?
Couple of us in Dunedin building FT swappable's currently.
Wishing we had a DollarTree store!


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Hi crankcasenz,

Kiaora from Auckland. Your to true about dollar tree, the cheapest place i can find it is at Gordon Harris for 6.99 a pop..
Which i suppose isn't to bad but you can't beat $1.00
Hope dunedin isn't to cold for you ;)
Another Jaffa here. Been flying since mid-80's with long stretches of in-activity. FT site has renewed my interest so looking to contact locals of a like-mind.
Lol Flying Monkey, you put us in the USA section! We would be more accurately with the Ozzies in the South Pacific.

I have a brother in Dayton, Ohio, does that count?


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I knew that your brother was there, and that's why I put the section under USA.... er yeah :D

I'll see what I can do to fix this.
I live in NZ in inglewood taranaki. there is a shop that sells readi board in nz but dont ship it they are uncle bills and they have about five stores through nz


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I'm a Kiwi that is currently living in Boston, MA
I'm a quad guy, but I'm going to bring a couple of FT planes back to NZ with me to build with my brother (CHCH) while I'm home in Feb. They look awesome. I can't wait for some summertime flying!

Gavin B

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I just ordered a carton of foam, its not called Adams foam board but I Spoke to them and they gave me the name brand they supply for Australasia. If anybodys keen I can sell sheets and ship. Id say it'd be 6.50 a sheet plus freight on it to, or if in Christchurch you could pick up, carton expected 2-3 weeks time.
Hi there,

My name's Martin, and I am based in Auckland.
Geoff's Emporium is now selling DTFB for $5.00/sheet, which isn't bad.
I am slope trash, so have been flying a Versa Wing as a sloper, and now designing a 2M Sig Riser Replicant aka Nexus 6.

Glad to meet others nearby.

Martin in Auckland.
Yeah if anyone has some good ideas on where to get good foam board from that would be great :) And even better a laser cutter to cut it all ;)
From Christchurch here :)
Another Aucklander here, keen to fly/build.

I've done mostly foamie slope soaring, but am broadening my horizons. Novice thermaller flying an Alula, Radian and building a Spirit Elite 2m. Also have vague plan to build some foamboard planes like the FT Nutball.
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Chris from Blenheim. Welcome and enjoy it. Build so far: Simple Cub, FT Legacy, FT Explorer and FT Master series Corsair.
Watch out for the heavy foam board, you have to keep your builds as light as possible. Lots of help available on the forum, just ask.