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Anycopter, do you think it will work?

I just ordered the parts that it takes to build myself a V-tail quad using the Anycopter frame. My hope is that these parts will work with the DT-750 motors, I am going to take my H-Quad apart to build this. Has anyone used the DT-750s with the anycopter parts? Did it work for you? My hope is to use 11x4.5 props on the front and 10x4.5 on the rear with the same Plush 25 ESCs that are in the H-Quad and the tried and favored KK2. So what is everyone's thoughts will this work or are the motors just going to be too big.



Dedicated foam bender
I would mount them to the booms rather than the Delrin motor mounts. That's what I did but kept the landing gear, just move it inboard enough to mount the motor on the end of the boom.