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Anyone in Salt Lake City, Utah


More combat please...
Howdy Luke,
Plenty of folks around.
Where do you live?
We fly pretty much every good weather weekend (and some bad) at the UVA club in Saratoga Spings.
Sorry I have not responded in this very long time I got slammed with school and then vacation this summer so have not been able to really do anything I live in Holliday right next to Cottonwood Heights and Murry. I have a couple of planes but the only one I have had success with is the e-flite whipit which just snapped its wing in half so I I am thinking I need to get out with someone who can help me fly my ft simple cub because I have broken to many props with that and I am ready to do something about that. If you don't see me respond any time later it is because I don't get online often so please have patience. Also I am an AMA member if that helps.