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Anyone live in Manchester for a possible meet up ?


Elite member
6.5hrs drive from me!
This is exactly the place to put it.
@CarolineTyler is not miles away, there may be others up your way too. What about the club you went to? Any other foam builders there?
My club experience has been the same, sadly.
There's two clubs within an hours drive from my home and both haven't been exactly welcoming.

Trial day? No, you have to attend our next meeting and if you get approved make sure you have time to mow the field every 4 weeks, fees will be €200+ a year which includes insurance. have a nice day.

That said I already pay for my own insurance and it it's just above 50€ a year for liabilities up to 4 million. World wide coverage. Not accepted by the club, though.

Well, thanks, guys, but no thanks.