Ap eazy ready for Maiden


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So I'm still new to this hobby and made all the mistakes with my first 2 planes but have only manage to achieve flight with my cardboard mini trainer as it's terrible to handle so I've bought some foam board and after making the tt and realizing how many props ive gone through ive desired to make the airc pirates eazy. She's finished I did maiden her yesterday ad very quickly realized I have the wing pitched down but that's all fixed now . The ap eazy is a 4 channel design so I just left the aeilerons our and gave myself and polyhedral wing for a 3 channel experience and hopefully something I can actually fly with more success instead of try to control a plastic bag in a breeze .

I've also fixed the wing and power section of the fuselage together and then cutting the fuselage under the wing to be able to remove the wing for eezy of transportation.

I've had a few test chucks at a pillow in the garden and she flies straight and seems to stay straight and true effortlessly .

I'm running a 6x4 prop with a 2206 motor 2 cell 1000mah( this needs to be heavier as to balance it out ive had to use a stack of 2ps I thinks there's about 20p worth haha right in the nose with the battery just behind and I think I've nailed the balancing nicley and that's why I think when you chuck her she seems to hold course like a dream not like.my other attempt witch have been abit wobbly wobly before the caught the wind properly . If any giddy notices anything that may cause me some issues please tell me as you guys helped me eventually achieve flight out the cardboard th so wish me luck an al let you now how well it goes eek!