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are my calculations correct?


Senior Member
Hi guys, i have a question regarding my batteries

My setup is like this

x3 750kv outrunners RC-Timer motors
11x4,7 props
x3 turnygy plush 18A ESCs
2200 mAh 3S 20-30C turnigy Lipo

the total weight of my tricopter is 1080 grams (2lb 6.0959oz)

from the top of my head I calculated that

18 amps, times 3 is 54 amps maximum draw from the battery
and at peak my battery can deliver 66 amps so for al purpueses the battery should be fine

I don't have a watt meter, to measure the real numbers, and i'm just getting like 3-4 minutes of flight time is this the average flight time with this kind of setup?



Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
That would sound about right for full throttle operation but for normal flying I would expect about 2X more flight time minimum but as always YMMV. You could try a smaller prop which will reduce lift but increase run time.