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ARES Servo Experiences?

Has anyone had a servo in their ARES Gamma fail? I bought my boy a Gamma Pro for Christmas and it's been a good plane, but today, the elevator servo failed. I cut the throttle, but straight into the ground from 40' up is never a good thing... Just wondering if anyone else has seen one of these servos fail?

And this is the hole a Gamma Pro leaves in the snow after going nose-in:black_eyed:

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40 feet - it was a bit to high landing.
I have been reading some old flight journals and crash history (full scale).
Many accidents are called "high landing". I suppose that it is the same as stalling from short distance - breaking the gears or worse.

Servos fail sooner or later, some after just one or two flights others after many years use.
It looks like you can use any 9 gram or similar replacement servo.
I hope that the plane is repairable and the snow took most of the energy.
This wasn't a landing attempt, I was just turning it around to get it into the wind for my boy to fly it. It was unfortunately just a case of failed hardware. Based on the bad sounds the other servos make, I am going to take the other two out as well, and replace them with HS-55s. It's hard enough to learn to fly, and it's really disappointing when the crashes come from hardware issues. It will be worth the $30 for two more HS-55s to make the flying experience more enjoyable for my boy. The sad part is, we only bought this plane a month ago. I would think with only a dozen or so flights on it, and no crashes until now, that servos should not be failing.


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Hitec servos are great but there are also lots of "cheap" servos working fine, even in the winter.
I have 6 of the HXT 900 in my Mini Ultra and i am flying in most weather conditions with them.
I also have Hi grade servos in a glider - and one of the 4 wing servos died the secont flight - I was happy to have the luck to get the plane down under control of the other servos.
They also have to take a lot of abuse in the car on the way to and from the field.
The problem is - you never know if a servo is going to break regardless of the price as long as you dont get something with a bad reputation. You can not always trust what people write and different people hav e different opinions. What is good enough for an indoor might not be gott for outdoor weather. A parkflyer servo will not be any good on a competition or race model.
The Ares Gamma Pro does not really need any competition grade electronics.
Only sorry that you did not replaca the original servos with better before the accident.