Help! Aruduino Mega, OpenTx & TBS Crossfire

Mike Maynard

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Hi FlightTest Forum, first time posting. Looking for some info on a project I am working on. Sorry if this is the wrong area.

Basically, I want to build a custom RC transmitter using an Arduino Mega and OpenTX, simple enough... BUT, I also want it to be able to use it with the TBS Crossfire for ultra long range flight. Is this Possible? I cannot find anything online that suggests the OpenTx flashed Arduino Mega has any pinOut to connect with the Crossfire, or even if OpenTX can support the Crossfire? Im looking into JR connection pinOut at the moment, but no luck...

I am coming from a hobby electronics perspective, and have never worked with the TBS Crossfire or similar tech before, so I am hoping I just have a gap in my knowledge here... any advice would be much appreciated!



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Never tried that with arduino, I have no idea what port would connect from the crossfire to the arduino, and how you would splice the connector to plug into the appropriate i/o ports.
there's this guy on reddit that asked a question that seems pretty similar, and one of the answers has a github link to it, maybe that would work

Mike Maynard

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AH, interesting! Thank you very much Mr BoredGuy, I will need to research a bit more BUT it seems promising!
Thanks for your time!