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Attempting to get some onboard footage... ending in crash.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
So I was collecting some footage from a couple of flights near my house.
Over the last week our lake the started to freeze! I thought that nothing could be better then that...up to yesterday.

Well, the Ice was thick enough to carry me but I still tried not to walk over it because it wasn´t assured by our local government and wasn´t marked as safe going on it.

So what me and my brother did is we went to the harbour and made our flights there.
First battery everything is cool.

Second one I lost the orientation because the Tricopter kinda disappeared. I didn´t see it any more because all the trees on the other side of the lake had kinda the same colour as the wood on my Tricopter and I was far away. So I couldn´t see it at all...
As soon as I found it I wasn´t able to tell which position it was in any more and it was falling very fast so it crashed.
The camera (an oldish digicam. You can tell it is not one of the best ones anyway what the quality of the video but it was okay)
One broken arm.
A few magnets of the motor went off. I opened it and glued them all back into place. That motor is still kinda loud but it works... It vibrates more then the others but I´ll have to use it.
The gyro that is standing up got a very small bend into on one side! I tested the board and it worked fine. But I guess a box for the electronics wouldn´t have made a difference because it was falling out of tree hight as you can tell from the video.

Anyway much more happened too. The battery puffed..
Won´t keep you waiting too long. here is the video.

BTW.: How is editing etc?! Always appreciate any kind of feedback. I did the video yesterday evening in a hurry so I am not expecting much.

Cool video. The boy on the dock who I assume was your son looked like a frozen ninja and made me chuckle. I thought the editing was very good and kept me going through out the whole thing. Well done


Rotor Riot!
Cool video. The boy on the dock who I assume was your son looked like a frozen ninja and made me chuckle. I thought the editing was very good and kept me going through out the whole thing. Well done
You're not keeping up with the forum enough, Fishbonez! That's his little brother, Anas is only a teenager like me!

Pretty awesome footagee, Anas Windestål!


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Hahahahaha! Yeah Colorex is right :)

He is my little brother. You made me laugh so much when you said that :D

Btw. Thanks colorex. I feel honored for that name :D
However I can nowhere reach his skills not even by a tiny bit.
Nice video and nice music at the start. You said that the cam was bad. You should take a look on my onboard footage. It is made by a HK Wingcam and it is bad. It is so bad you are gonna feel queasy after it because of that I won't upload it. How much fps does your camera have? The Wingcam has probably not enough of them and the vibration of my motors is probably a bit much. Should stop crashing it.
And while we are talking about that my tri crashed today too. Looked away for a frag of a second and lost orientation too. Lost 2 Props, bend the gyro and all of the pins for the servos on the KK board and probably killed 2 bearings of a motor. If your motor works fine and does not have big imbalances try to get the bearings replaced. At least in the DT750 they are kind of sensitive and I already hat to change them after the first crash.
When I was looking at replacements I found them cheap at cnc-modellsport.de but don't buy them there. The store has a bad reputation and it seems like I got lucky with getting my things.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Thanks manfet for the tip :)
I tested the bearings and they both seemed to be fine. The order got sent today so it should arrive tomorrow. I´ll see how it flys then :)

@Fishbonez: No problem :D I thought that was funny. Most of the times you would be right with saying, I guess that is your son but this time not :D
But you aren´t and ole geezer as I assume you can still WALK to the field to fly and don´t have to be brought there.


Crazy flyer/crasher :D

I´ll hopefully let ya know tomorrow. I hope that everything will be fine because I still need for my school project.