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Aviation Education / STEM

I wanted to start this thread to help people gather external resources for education. I think right now, we all have enough on our plates but having more resources never hurts. I also think that these resources can be used and shared beyond our current challenges, because as we have all become painfully aware teaching is very hard -- and teachers can use every bit of help we can give them.

So please, post on this thread below with anything you think is helpful in teaching kids (and adults really) of all ages.
I'll start.... this may end up being really great, or just a horrible promotional site... but JetBlue is launching "JetBlue JR" which they are saying they want to use to help teach kids in grades 2-5 about aviation. Given pilot shortages are a thing, it's probably legit since it's in their interests.



Wake up! Time to fly!
FT already has a full blown stem program used in many schools as well as out reach at churches drawing younger kids into STEM based curriculum.

If you click HOME at the top of the forum, then on the new page click Education you get this...