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B-17 swappable


Crash Test Pilot!
If anybody could figure out how to build a B17 and keep it scale yet light it would be Bixler and David , that would be one id love to see , or even a B29 but IMO , the B17 is way cooler.


creator of virtual planes
Yeah, I think it would be a good challenge. Like the blender or the flying toaster or the flying brick. Not a plane meant to be a speed build kit or a swappable. Just something for the challenge of it.


Give it a shot yourselves, guys! Foam board is cheap and easy to work with. You don't have to be a Sketch-up expert. Draw the shapes directly on the foam board, cut, tweak, redo.... Even if it doesn't come out the way you hope, you will have learned a lot and be much closer to the point where you can build one as you want.
Hell folks. I'm the crazy guy building the 8' wingspan B-25. I'm planning to build a large B-17 using the swappable power pods. I'm going to draw my own plans which I'll be happy to share if anyone is interested.