Baby baron twin/ Baby Superbee


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Had a spare power pack for a quad lying around(JMT Mini 1806 2400KV with 12A speed controls with 3A bec) so we decided to put together a couple baby barons for the kids. My oldest daughter built one and we got it tuned and flying with a radiolink receiver and byme-a stabilizer.

After I maidened it and realized how sweet it flew I came to the conclusion that this would be a perfect machine for making a small, packable, high speed fpv hotrod out of.
So I gathered some materials.
A carbon fiber arrow saft for the spar.
A CRSF to Sbus board
Another radiolink byme-a stabilizer
And a few other electrical components.

First thing for me to figure out, was making sure I had enough real estate in and on the wing to get it done and I also did some dimension comparison between a bloody Baron and a superbee. Pretty close.
Also I definitely had enough room for the 5x4x3 HQ durable props I am planning on running.
So the first part to sort was the power pods. I changed them from an a fold to a b fold and added tabs of the same dimensions that the fuse has as well as 4° downthrust that the original baby baron has. Printed up some firewalls from petg.
Second part was the wing itself, had a little help from CAD here to lay out and get dimensions for the tab holes for the power pods which I transferred to the template I already had. Then I soldered up the ESCs and motors and used that to layout the holes in the bottom wing panel for the ESCs
After I cut the extra holes in the wing template I proceeded to build the wing pretty much to spec other than the extra holes and the use of a carbon fiber arrow shaft for the spar.
I ended up having to notch the sides of the servo hole in the bottom wing panel for the esc wires to fit through, it was too tight on the wires as well as causing the servo to tilt out of square in the hole.
The tail feathers where built to spec other than adding toothpick struts for the vertical stabilizer.
For the fuse I removed the c fold at the front and made it a paper only fold over, as well as not cutting the notches for it in the doublers. I will be printing a deck to go up inside the top of the fuse for additional rigidity as well as a solid place to mount the radio, byme-a and, fpv camera. The vtx will be mounted on top of the nose so it can get plenty of air. For starters I've got a small akk aio video system that I can rubber band to the top of the nose.


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