My latest "STOL"

L Edge

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I wanted to design a plane that can STOL, fly in a small area and handle gusty winds and yet be stable in all conditions.

So to meet this goal, I am going to design it around a Cub(bish) which I haven't tried. Here is what I am doing to do for mods.

1) Chose full length ailerons to also to act as flaps. (Roll will be a handful.)
2) Endplates- With the endplates and the flaps deployed, goal is to trap as much of the airflow as possible underneath. Going to try no gap at fuse later in testing.
3) Adding a KF2 across a flat plate for additional lift.
4) Using a stabilizer that I designed.
5) Using a standard cable tie for the tail gear. ?????????
6. Moving the 4 inch main landing gear as forward as possible.
7. Like all foam planes, build as lite as possible with an aft CG.

1) E-Flite Park 370 1360 KV motor with 1300mah battery
2) 9 x 4/7 SF prop APC Experiment with a 10 " prop later
3) Large 4" wheels on aluminum struts
4) Dimensions: 34" wing and 32" Fuse
5) Weighs about 1.7 lbs

Being old school, plans were made of 8 1/2" by 11 to my eye scale to match what foam I have. I will use blue fan fold foam for stabilizer, depron for wing and end plates, formers, and Adam's foam board for KF wing and fuse.

After deciding width, easy assembly of the fuse with formers where elevator, wing slot and prop shaft are all parallel to each other.


Tail is set up so there is large movement in both elevator and rudder. Basically a 3D type plane.


Servos are internal and using very stiff wire and a thread at one end for clevis adjustment.


Next comes the wing. I used depron and re-enforced with a carbon rod and to make the KF-2 used Adams Readi-board which was epoxyed to the main wing making a good stiff wing.

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bot of wing.JPG

Then took wing and cut ailerons/flap. Used packing tape across ailerons top and bottom to prevent air leakage between surfaces. To prevent slop due to wire for aileron movement, installed ball joints taken from heli stuff.

Installed motor/prop and closed up front cowling.


To hold wing in fuse saddle. decided to use nylon bolts, built up edge of fuse and used wood(nylon nuts glued under) to retain wing.

wing saddle.JPG

Note: Before I drilled the retaining holes, to have a plane fly better, made sure the wing is parallel to the elevator. Measure distance from trailing edge of wing to trailing edge of elevator. Both sides must be equal in length.

Nose gear was moved as far forward to have proper CG range. Rather than use wire, wanted stiff setup since I want to do spot landings so it has to take abuse.


Wing endplates were added to improve lift when aileron/flap is deflected.


And as usual, my painting and decorating skills are -8 out of 10, so tape is used.

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If you have a tail dragger, the rear tail-gear needs to go up some height and then you are able to apply up elevator, especially for a STOL. It may be done by brakes on, but our models, who has them.

I wanted something that could flex downward for takeoff (increase AOA)and for landing(give to reduce G's) so rudder doesn't get destroyed.
Taken from the day's of Mikey'sRC, came up with this. Fits the bill. Yes, that is a cable tie super glued to basswood then hot glued to foam.

cable tie.JPG

Now ready for flight.


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Clever idea. I did this on some early quads. Worked like a charm, with one issue - it was almost always too "bouncy". Would be nice to figure out some kind of dampening. Good luck!

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Did the maiden today without any winds to see how far I can push it. Interesting results and will need to see how far down I can deploy the flaps and yet function. So until I find proper CG, correct AER deflections, max flaps, may need to install larger motor, the verdict is out.
Happy with the cable tie, even landed tail first before main gear, no problems. Hope the camera man gets his cap in order.

New goal:
Want to take off and land on a bathroom towel to prove the STOL capabilities.