Backyard 1s epp biplane


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First time posting. So I don't know if im posting at the right place but a mod can move it if its wrong I hope.

I just wanted to show my scratchbuilt backyard flyer. I'm a relatively new pilot and am exploring this hobby with my Son.

I wanted something small and light for the backyard and here's what I came up with.


It's a Mashup of the babyblender and the scout. Made from Epp. It's a small model 60g and runs a 6x3 prop.

I'm using a byme-A stabilizer since it's basicly always windy here in Sweden. And it let's my son fly it easily. The motor is a emax 1404 6000kv and I'm running it on a xp7a 1s esc. Does fine on 1s (450mah gives about 15 min flights).


Loving the hobby and we have gotten success only thanks to the knowledge from flitetest videos. :)

I'll try to make some videos later but for now I'll keep on competing with my Son about who can stick a landing on our porch. :)

Keep flying!