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  1. Joe Carpino

    DIY Hunter Killer Drone from CoD

    Finished painting the Hunter Killer Drone from Call Of Duty. Now it’s ready for a maiden!
  2. Dr. Looping Looie

    Dr. Looping Looie Plan Index

    After over 3 years of building foamboard planes, I think its finally time to open a plan index thread. Unfortunately, Im a computer noob and I dont have plans for all of my scratchbuilds, but I hope that this thread will encurage me to make more plans. This should not only be an index for...
  3. FoamyDM

    2019 Fantasy Aircraft Design & Build Challenge - Logan X-stream6 by FoamyDM

    Fantasy Aircraft are very... AWESOME. ...and typically hard to get to work. (for me.) My son picked out a little foam rubber launched glider about as big as my hand before school ended, we both agreed it looked pretty cool. Action Shot! of the IWA X-Stream 5: Shudder effect shows two craft...
  4. Pigfarm1403

    Low-wing Python scratchbuild

    -Inspiration So after finally sorting through all of my stuff from flitefest ohio I was inspired by the clean workspace and organized parts to design my first plane. I have a couple of year of building and I have done a variety of giant builds but I would hardly call those "designs". Some of...
  5. jajefan

    The Complete FT Scratchbuild Index

    Introducing: The Complete FT Scratchbuild Index Description: Introducing my way of organizing FT planes: The FT Scratchbuild Index (in alphabetical order!), complete with information about every plane including its Power Pack and electronics designations, "swappability", and a column for...
  6. Jordan3367

    The Dragonfly: a twin mini biplane

    Hey all! It's been a while since I've done anything but I wanted to share my younger brother's custom designed and built foamboard twin biplane with you guys. He drew it, redrew it as a dxf, cnc'd it, built it, flew it, and here it is. :) Specs: 2x Red-bottom motors & 25a escs 5x 9g servos...
  7. Archimedian

    DC-3 with suspension and split flaps DTFB

    WORKING SHOCK ABSORBERS Lets get to it. The plans for the fuselage and wing come from rcfbaircraft.com . They were 2 dollars and were quite comprehensive. While numerous changes were made, the plans were invaluable to the final form. Wingspan 55" RTF weight 850grams Motor 1900kv ESC 12a...
  8. B

    FT Mini Arrow Scratch Builders Please Help

    Hi! I am trying to build the FT Mighty Mini Arrow wing from scratch. I have built the nutball and FT Mini Scout numerous times so this is not my first rodeo:D. But for this one, when I printed the plans...even though I said Do not fit to page and scale 100% the pieces will not match up. The...
  9. blackmetaldash

    Budget-scratchbuilt a wing WITHOUT prior RC build experience! (Maiden soon!)

    Budget-scratchbuilt a wing WITHOUT prior RC build experience! Hello folks! I'm glad to let you all know I have this lovely project in the making. Now you'll be wondering why I picked this title, but I'm serious when I said I don't have any experience in physical RC aircraft building. I always...
  10. S

    FT Simple Storch mini-review and relaxing flight

    Hey guys, I just made my first mini review of my FT Simple Storch out of Hobbyking foamboard ( actually only the frontside is made out of that foamboard). I hope you guys enjoy this video and I'm sorry for my English pronunciation ( English isn't my native tongue) . Hoping to get more...
  11. T

    Update old build plans.

    Hi. I have now started on my first scratchbuild and i started with the Tiny Trainer. Would be nice if there is a posibility to go back and update old build plans so they have all markings that the new ones have. Had some problems in the start to get the right points to join the tiled pages. I...
  12. F

    Bunch of 2212/1000kv and 2200mah 3S - What to build?

    Hi, long time lurker here, but I have the "building bug" and a bunch of electronics left over from an old quad. The reason I am reaching out is: I have been having a heck of time finding plans for that setup. If any one out there has any experience with this please let me know! Thanks to all!
  13. J

    Australian built Scratch Build Simple Storch

    Hi folks, This is my second attempt at a scratch build. The first was a Swappable Spitfire but I got just about everything you can wrong! Used fence wire for push rods( no - not a good idea). Discovered why tail heavy planes dont fly twice - you name it. But hey I'm learning. Foam board in...
  14. L

    63" DC-3/C53-D

    Hello everyone! I recently got into scratchbuilding airplanes out of foamboard (or kapaboard as we Europeans know it). First I built a FT Simple Storch and having flown it for some time now I decided to build myself another one. I wanted to try making a two engine plane and DC3 was a perfect...
  15. S

    First quad

    Hello there, I am planning on building a quadcopter in the coming weeks, but I'm a newbie at this so I just want to make sure that I don't mess up and buy parts that aren't compatible. I'm making the frame out of aluminium myself and have already started (just a simple H frame) and it will...
  16. J

    Transfering printed plans to foam board

    I would like to scratch build using the printed plans available from Flite Test but am not sure of a good technique for transferring the plans to the foam board. Is there a good explanation or video available?
  17. D

    Mini Beechcraft Baron G58 - Opinions and suggestions appreciated/wanted/needed

    First off a little background information: As you could already tell from from my name, my favorite aircraft of all time is the Beechcraft Baron G58 and I have been desperately tried to find any kind of easy to build (or to buy) foamie models of this beauty. Unfortunately, the only ones I could...
  18. Techno

    Twin Boom, Twin Engine, FPV, Cargo Plane Build Thread

    I'm going to build a plane to bring to FliteFest 2015, and I want it to be able to do everything (except combat, I'll bring something else for that) that I want to do there. I've decided that since I've got some matching motors around, I'll build a twin engine, because I haven't made a twin...
  19. B

    built a FT Nutball this morning

    So I decided to build a nutball this morn. I have yet to fly it as it's windy here at the time of posting this. Not mention yesterday when I crashed my delta i cracked the firewall, So I fabbed one out of plastic.
  20. JamesWhom

    New Twin Warbird

    Hey everyone, Just wanted to know what you think of my new Twin FPV Warbird. It flies super nice. I also fitted it with a GoPro in the cockpit and am currently fitting the FPV gear. The plan is to fly around the village and go on missions to hills across the valley, perhaps landing...