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Balsa glow collection

Hey guys, I am a foam electric flyer and about a year ago I lost my father. He has 8 to 10 balsa planes along with 30 years of motors, radios, and parts. Some of the planes are really expensive. My question is storage, I have sold his house and need to keep them in good shape. I have a metal building and was unsure of what kind of damage the heat and cold weather would do to the aircraft. I live in Kansas and we experience 100 degree fluctuations between the summer months and winter months. Any advice would be welcome.


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All of that should remain in a climate controlled environment. The heat and more so the humidity will definitely cause things to degrade. The wood will shrink and swell and become brittle. The electronics and motors will rust and corrode. One season may not be too bad, but if it’s going to be long term, you might not have anything worth keeping after a few years. This may be a worst case mentality, but I’d rather see you do as much as you can to protect what you have.
Luckily I live in the part of Kansas that is very dry. I am probably going to have to part ways with some of the stuff but the hobby is almost non existent out here. The closest club is three hours away. I have thought about contacting them about interest in some of the collection.


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Document what you have and post pictures. Many here can give you guidance as they have quite a bit of experience with the older ways of R/C. They can probably help your stuff find a new home too.
Thank you for the help, I will get started sorting through stuff in the next few weeks and have a better idea of what I am going to part with. I don't really want to ship any of the planes but hopefully the forum can help me with the smaller items. I am thinking of donating some of it to the school robotics club.


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I know here in Wisconsin many of our local flyers store there planes in trailers all year long that they pull to the field and in unheated or cooled garages without much detriment. Many of mine are at my nephews were they sit in a old milking parlor with out any problem. About the only thing that has to be done is make sure the engines have after run oil ( ATF works great ) and may have to take an iron and clean up some monokote wrinkles.


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Looking forward to seeing some pics. If there are some gas or glow engines I might be interested in giving those a home at my house. I like collecting some of the old stuff.

Keep us posted for sure and good luck sorting through everything!