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Batbone v-tail quad KK2 Board Problem. Any Suggestions?

I've built two v-tail batbones (one is for a friend). The parts on both are NTM 28-26 motors, Turnigy Plush 30A ESCs, KK2 board with 1.6 firmware, 9x4.5 props on the front and 8x4.7 on the rear. The first one flies better than I expected, it is very stable and very easy to maneuver. Auto level works great on it as well and makes it even more stable. The second one that I finished today has a problem. The only difference between the two is that on the second one I used a power distribution board and the first one I made a custom harness, and I have the low voltage alarm hooked up on the KK2 board on the second one. So the problem is, with auto level on the gyros seem to go crazy and make it crash. It will hover for a minute but when the gyros need to correct, it goes nuts. With auto level off it works ok for a little bit unless I give it a bit of throttle. You can see it a little bit at about 0:05 with auto level off. I turn auto level on at 1:06 and it goes crazy at 1:13. The P gain and limit for auto level are both at 40, which is where I have them on the first quad I built. I'm hoping it's a setting or user error, but unfortunately I think it's a bad gyro. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Yes I did all of the calibrations. I switched the boards out on the two quads and the one that was flying great still flew great with the other board. So I guess it's not the board. The only difference left between the two is the power distribution. The good one has a custom harness I wired, and the faulty one has the distro board. I'm also wondering if it could be a bad ESC? I'll probably start there I guess. Would a bad ESC cause it to do this?
I took out the power distribution board and added a custom wire harness and it seems to have fixed the problem. I was kind of suprised that this would cause that kind of problem, I was sure it was going to be an ESC. Does anyone have any idea why a power distro board would cause this?


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Not sure, maybe a current issue? I've only used one distro board before I went to just building my own harnesses, but never had this type of issue with the board...


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I'm having the same issue with my Bat Bone V-Tail, but I haven't gotten past the initial lift of a few feet. It starts to wobble and then takes off in a random direction. I built a custom wiring harness, so I'm not sure what to try next. Is there anything specific I should check for on the wiring harness? All the motors spin up at mostly the same time.

On my third attempt it landed on it's top and and smashed the LCD screen. ...my next KK2 will be better protected. To add insult to injury I released the magic smoke from one of the ESCs when I tried to determine if the KK2 board was usable.