Battery Charger Issue Model: EcoPower Electron 44AC ECP-1006

Noah The Mower

New member
Hi, I have bought an Electron EcoPower charger and I have stupidly lost the manual and when I'm trying to charge my DualSky 1300mah 3 cell battery all 4 LEDs on the charger flash red and I'm unable to find a manual for it online I also have just purchased a new 2 cell 1500mah LiPo and I tried charging it and the same thing is happening all 4 LEDs flash red I did look around for a manual on the internet but came across some other brands that looked similar and their LED status said that my issue means a faulty connection and if so I'd assume it's in the charger because a brand new battery is also having this issue. Instructions for other charger, Charger LEDs flashing.