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Beginner FPV parts recommendation? (For the long run)

Hi Guys!

So I've been looking around and have been planning on getting my own FPV setup sometime this summer. I was hoping I could get everyone's $0.02 on what I should get and what to steer clear off.

So my requirements are as follows:
1) No long distance flying, just scenic shots and fun FPV flying within 250m max radius.
2) Needs to be relatively portable for overseas travel since I'm an international student in the US and lugging a screen in luggage...not a good idea in terms of both weight and possibility of damage during travel
3) I wanted to be able to swap it between my tricopter and the plane I plan on using for fpv (not sure how this would affect anything but just wanted to be sure)

What I thought of going with was a 5.8GHz system with FatShark goggles and a decently good osd. I just need to know which fpv equipment are reliable. I also don't mind dishing out a little more than average so long as its good and reliable equipment and also because I want to be able to use it for a long time.

Note: My tricopter is the Titan from Fortis Airframes (http://www.fortisairframes.com)and the plane is a modified version of IBCrazy's Specter (http://fpvlab.com/forums/showthread.php?2769-Specter-V2-My-best-FPV-plane-yet).


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The biggest issue you're going to run into, is the international aspect. Each country has it's own legal FPV channels, and no two seem to be the same. Find out which channels are legal in the countries you intend to do FPV at, and pick the channel that's the most common between them. Then build your system for there.
I'm not sure about the international part but here is what I have and it seems to be working good. I have the Fatshark Attitude SD goggles. They are best out of the selection of Fatsharks in my opinion. There is a chart comparing the field of view and resolution somewhere on hobby king. I think if you go under the "files" section under the Dominator goggles there is a comparison chart. It is under one of the goggles. I also bought the Immersion RC 600mW 5.8GHz transmitter. It should come with a plug that lets you feed off of the main battery balance plug so that is nice. The cheap SMA connector circular polarized antennas on hobby king are working great for me. I also got some right angle SMA connectors for the goggles. For now I fly strait through a GoPro 3. I got one of the right angle usb connectors from hobby king. Thats basically what I got. I don't have the money to experiment with other stuff so this is my first setup and it works great! Sooo just the FPV set up: Fatshark Attitude SD, battery for goggles, Immersion 600mW 5.8GHz transmitter, Cheap hobby king circular polarized antennas (come in pair), right angle SMA connectors, right angle usb video cable from hobby king, GoPro 3. Check out my channel https://www.youtube.com/user/talonzeroproductions