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Beginner opinion

I am contemplating purchasing either a apprentice mini s or a regular full-size apprentice s.

I understand that the regular full size apprentice handles better in the wind and is faster.

I have no prior experience with rc flying.

Would like to get opinions on which would be a better fit for a total beginner like me.

Thanks for suggestions!


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The apprentice is a fine choice, it’s expensive new vs something like an AXN Clouds Floater from Hobbyking or the 3 channel Wiltoys Trainer or a Champ.
Don’t be afraid of second hand and Safe mode isn’t a requirement for learning, a gentle trainer with a well set up variable rates radio will do just as well.
Joining a local RC flying club can get you in the air for free, as well as get you instruction and buddy box flying, both of which will teach you more than having a fully stabilised plane with Safe.


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My first plane was the Flyzone Calypso, which is a powered glider, followed a few months later by the Flyzone Sensei. The Sensei is very similar to the Apprentice in appearance and performance, and having spoken to those with the Apprentice, it's a good choice. A larger plane is, IMNSHO, a bit easier to learn with, as it tends to be less twitchy in the air, is easier to keep in sight and easier to keep your orientation (it can be disastrous if you think you're facing one direction, and control accordingly, when you're not!).

If you know someone who has Realflight RC simulator, the Sensei is included as one of the aircraft you can choose. Taking some time to fly it in the simulator is a good way to get the basics of RC flight down, before putting a real plane into the air. With the Sensei being so similar to the Apprentice, the flight characteristics should be almost identical, so you can get an idea of what to expect from the plane.

I flew the Calypso in Realflight many times before I bought the actual plane, and on my first visit to the club flying field, I had no problems flying the real one. I had a similar experience with my first trip out with the Sensei.


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I agree with the others, the regular apprentice is a great plane to learn to fly with.

It is a personal choice to build a plane or buy a ready to fly plane. A RTF plane will get you in the air sooner. Building will take more time but will be cheaper. It will also teach you the skills to repair your plane. It’s not a question of IF you’ll need to repair but WHEN.

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Fly harder!
I think the most important thing for you to do whether you get the mini or apprentice, try to buddy box with someone - it will save you tons of money. Trust me. I had super limited success by myself and after buddy boxing for just one flight, I was able to fly my FT Old speedster with very few crashes. Good luck! And remember, the crashes are part of the fun journey. Expect them and enjoy the fixing part! You will do great!


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Simulator and buddy boxing are both great ideas. The Apprentice was my first non FT plane and it practically flies itself with SAFE on, but with turning it off and partially off you can handle wind that my smaller FT planes couldn't do, with no problem. It's one of the better beginner planes and through three RC clubs I've been with, it's the most used and recommended trainer. I'm actually just looking to sell mine now as I just bought a new big foam plane and my wife says there are too many now.


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I don't have exprience with any purchased solutions but can highly recommend the Tiny Trainer as a great first plane. It's easy to build and repair and it taught me to fly. Just my 0.2 cents