Best planes to get into the hobby.

Today I finally finished scratch building my FT mini guinea and flew it for the first time. That was just awesome. I would say as a not very experienced pilot that that's a great 2nd or 3rd plane. If you want to get into the hobby I'd recommend you to do this:
1st plane: mini scout/tiny trainer 3 ch
2nd plane: tiny trainer 4 ch
3rd plane: mini guinea/durafly tundra
4th plane: you can fly the most planes by now

*I haven't flown the simple Cub, the apprentice, the super Cub, and many others which might be good for beginners so I can't really rate them.
as a 1st plane you need a little plane that is easy to fly and is very durable.
I had a WLtoys F949 Cessna 182 as a first plane because it's cheap, it takes the punch and it is very easy to fly. The mini scout does a great job at this too and I don't think a simple Cub is that durable and indestructible but I can't judge this planes because I don't have them. So cheap ≠ bad keep this in mind.
I hope this is helpful to some of you and I'd like to hear what more experienced pilots/builders would recommend to get into the hobby.
Greetings from Austria.