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Best stol airfoil?

So,I just registered on here but that’s not the point.So I was wondering what kinda airfoil is best for stol airplanes (I am building stol hobbyzone champ).I was thinking a long under-cambered airfoil but I don’t know much about aerodynamics is I would like to see what y’all think.


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The airfoil makes some difference, but at our scales and speeds I believe wing loading and power to weight will make a lot more difference. Someday I want to do some real flight testing of a simple FT airfoil vs. a "real" airfoil, collect data, and see how much difference it actually makes.


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Whilst a few profiles are inherently high lift there is far greater lift available by the use of high lift devices such as Flaps, Slats and even variable incidence airfoil mechanisms.

have fun!
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I just finished building the Simple Scout, and while I haven't taken her up for a maiden flight yet, the videos I've watched of the plane all show short take-offs and landings. Take a look at the wing on that plane, and maybe check out some of the videos online of people flying them.