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Better way to watch the shows in order?


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So, all I have access to is YouTube and the FT website. Both of which organize the videos by release date. Basically the newest first. I don't see on either YouTube or the FT website a way to get to the older videos other than scrolling to the bottom, which takes for ever!!.... Does anyone know of a better way to say, organize the videos to see them in the order they were published?

If not, how hard would it be to add a filter to the website to organize the videos by release date, like oldest to newest?

I like to go back and watch older videos to inspire my next builds and what not and as it is now, with way over 1000+ videos, it is agonizing trying to get to the older videos...


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On Youtube, you can go to the FliteTest channel, then Videos, then Sort By in the upper right, and sort by oldest

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Yeah, that's good for normal PC users. Lol 99% of the time I watch on the android app on my phone or my Roku on my TV. Neither of which have this option, sadly... At least none that I can find. Guess I can use Google chrome on my phone instead of the app. Silly that the app doesn't have that ability tho...