5 projects with a transport.

L Edge

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Wanting to explore dual engines, built a transport and got bored with it, so what can you do with it.

So I tried a YC-14 using 64mmEDF's and played around with blown flaps. It works.
Then I explored differential thrust using a mixer which excels especially with EDF's.

Next, I decided to build and release a shuttle from the transport that I could glide(servos only) back to the runway. Maiden flight was at an AMA district electric fly in. I needed a second pilot to fly the transport, elected to launch it by hand(did not know the pilot's skill level) so I could land the shuttle.
Bought a small foam shuttle from Guillow's and by weighting it nose down and right wing, its release has it circle around till it hits the ground. Substituted a balsa plane and it's fun unless it's windy. Still have it.

So, how about a Bell X-1? Wanted to drop by transport, let it glide down to 50 ft, nose it up and lite it up!!!!!!! Well, can release and glide down, go nose up say 45 degrees and fire, need to proven. Once at field, no one there, got nervous and kept moving back(rockets are unpredictable) and finally went for it. I was able to move controls around but as you can see on the way up, the wing is too small for the weight. Calculated it went up to about 350+ ft.

And finally, just having fun hovering.