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Beware "CrazePony" on Amazon


Some guy in the desert
So just ordered a replacement motor for my quad from "CrazePony" on Amazon (fulfilled by amazon)

The motor they sent was the opposite threads of their listing, was scratched up, was missing the leads (just the bare winding wires sticking out with no insulation or heat shrink), two two half sets of two different sized mounting screws - some lose in the box some in a mangled baggie, and the motor wires had been epoxied (none of my legit emax motors have come like that from emax.)

In fairness they didn't explicitly say it was a new motor on their listing...but they sure didn't say it was used and missing pieces either :mad:


Hostage Taker of Quads
Staff member
Good thing you've got AZ on your side. Used is used. Everything else is not!

Not a huge fan of RC parts off AZ (markup can be brutal sometimes, but usually less than a pricy LHS), but "Fulfilled by AZ" goes a long way toward making it right.

Thanks for the heads-up about the vendor -- even if AZ will make it right, no sense in even bothering with them :p


Some guy in the desert
Yeah the "fulfilled by AZ" gave me the confidence to go with it. I was suspicious though that they had what looked like a CW motor image on the CCW listing...but figured they were just lazy and used the same image for both.

Unfortunately my LHS doesn't carry quad parts (They say they have no interest in carrying quad parts because quad people don't support them...but how are we supposed to support them when they don't carry what we need in the first place?!) :(

I was all excited that it was delivered a day earlier than expected (on a Sunday no less!) only to open it up and find so much disappointment :( Now instead of having that quad back up and going a day earlier than expected it's going to be almost a week while I wait on a motor from another source :mad: