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Bixler Problems - no range


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Hello all,

I received my RTF Bixler 3 days ago and have been flying it each day with no problems. Today I went to fly and lost all control of the plane after about 10 metres and made an unexpected/vertical 'arrival'.

It now only seems to have a range of approximately 10 metres and I don't have a clue why! I have tried the binding procedure again to see if that cleared up the problem but had no luck. The tx also had brand new batteries installed - and the light is still showing green.

Any suggestions on how to rectify the problem would be appreciated!



Check the antenna on the RX. Range issues are often the culprit of a broken antenna wire. Most often, this occurs at the base of the wire, where is exits the RX.


Or, you could be experiencing some kind of interference. I've heard that wireless network signals and cell towers can cause communication problems. OR, you experienced a "brown-out." A brown out is due to a temporary drop in voltage through the esc due to load. THe esc has to reset itself and this can take a couple of seconds - long enough to crash. This issue can be prevented with the use of a BEC, which supplies enough voltage to the esc to maintain servo response. Was your battery fully charged?


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Yeah battery is fully charged - even when just walking away from the plane and testing the control surfaces it loses signal within 10metres. I have just dismantled and checked the TX and RX and antennas are fine in both from what I can see.


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so the receiver atennae is still connected to the receiver at two solder joints ?

have you tried the range test in different areas?


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I've got a rx that suddenly decided it didn't want to receive signals after about 40-50m... Killed a plane and damaged two others in the process of discovering the sudden change. I'm wondering if there's just some bad soldering in the rx. Possibly fixable, but could you trust the rx again afterwards?

Either way, the things are so cheap I'd just buy a new one ($8.99+post from HK). Or you could take the opportunity to buy a better radio like a 9x. That way you could use your Bixler radio as a backup (works with 9x rx).


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I wonder what is the mean range for a 2.4 radio?.....
It should be at least visible range for a big plane.
1000 meters close to ground and 50% more when the plane is high up in the air are ranges what i would expect from a radio if 2,4 35 or 72.