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"Bloody Wonder"ful few minutes


Well the flying bug bit me hard tonight. Its been windy lately and today was no different. My son got home from work around 5:30 and said lets go flying. I knew it was a gamble, but we grabbed the bloody wonder and headed to the park. He was first up on the stick and I launched her into the air. Kinda squirrelly at first and he realizes the elvons are reversed so he brings it in. We fix that and he's back up in the air and I notice its tail heavy so I have him land it again. Soft landing, but not soft enough and we break a prop. In our hurry to get to the field before the sun went down I left my triage box at home. So in a nut shell he got to fly for about 5 mins.

Once home after a short discussion we decided to grab another prop and head back to the field. I shifted the battery up front and put him back in the air. This time the plane flew great. He wanted to land it so I could take over and I told him to just gain some altitude and pass the Tx to me which he did.

I was able to get a feel for it pretty quick, did a couple of rolls and loops and was enjoying the plane. At one point it started to get to far away from me and I went to turn it and not sure what I did but it stalled and shot in a spiral downward. I tried but couldnt recover and it planted HARD into the grass. We started after it and my son said he'd get it so I turn and head back to the truck. 10 secs later he's hollering its smoking and on fire! LOL I started back towards the plane and indeed it was burning, smacked the ground so hard it punctured the battery and it was burning up. Luckly the way the plane split open the only thing I lost was the new 3s battery. Everything else was salvaged and will fly another day.

The Bloody Wonder ended up burnt and busted into 3 pieces, but man was it a blast! I already have another scratch build I drew on the bench Im finishing up, so the BW electronics will not go to waste :)



Hostage Taker of Quads

That's Awesome!

Well, not about the battery . . . that kinda sucks, but good flight time and a new design ready for test!

happen to catch any pics of the "beaten and bloody wonder"?