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Bridi tercel endurance trainer build log.

Foam Addict

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Hey everyone,

I started a thread two days ago about a foam version of the excellent Bridi Tercel Glider. After this airframe attained a one hour flight time, however I decided it needed a build log. However, bear with me as this is also a "I'm learning to use sketch up and need advice thread". The plans I used for this glider are unavailable and I will have to reproduce them in sketch up.

EDIT: the Bridi Flipper is identical to the tercel in all but tail shape: here is a link to the plans, I will use them for reference until I complete the tercel plans.http://www.outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=4994

This is a very quick build as it only has 11 foam pieces, although only 8 are pictured as I haven't come up with a suitable base width yet.


The airframe requires these items:





On the two cell lipo listed it makes a great trainer and duration ship, but a hop up to a 3 cell is good for faster thermal hunting or sport flying.

Sit down before you read this. Sitting? The plane has no spar. That's right, only a tongue depressor and hotglue join the wings. The prototype wing did fold once, but at the tip polyhedral. If you use plenty of hot glue in the dihedral slit, there is no problem at all, but I digress, the next part tonight.
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Foam Addict

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The Beta plans are done, but can someone tell me how to convert and attach them?
I can't attach an SBK file.
Tercel Plans.JPG
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